About us


bioBREAKFAST is a part of bioCEED, the Centre for Excellence in Biology Education. bioCEED is working towards improving and developing the education within biology at the university level by linking theoretical knowledge, society relevance and disciplinary and transferable skills together. The breakfast is an initiative part of this goal, to improve the learning environment and create an areana for exchange of educational choices and experience within the biology education.

The breakfast is arranged by the student representatives in bioCEED studying biology at bachelor level at UNIS and is a student led project. It started up in spring 2017 and have been run since then with two breakfast seminars twice each semester. bioBREAKFAST was initially arranged  for the biology students but inn 2018 bioBREAKFAST opened up for all students at the four scientific departments at UNIS.

This semester (spring 2020) Marie Sofi Brekke Brastad and Anne Bruls  is in charge of the bioBREAKFAST.